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Wanted to put out a friendly reminder of upcoming deadlines pertaining to Income Tax Returns. By now, everyone should have received any W-2’s and 1099s you were expecting. Once you collect any other paperwork you may be waiting on, it will be of great benefit to get all that information to your tax preparer as soon as possible. The sooner you get everything to them, the quicker they can get your return completed, and you will avoid joining the piles of returns which are inevitably dropped off close to deadline.

As an added benefit, the sooner you file, the less likely you are of someone filing under your name, as they will have less opportunity and time.

Now for those dates:

-Business classified as Corps and S-Corps are due first, on Wednesday, March 15th.

-Personal and Partner Income Taxes are due on Tuesday, April 18th. This year they are due on the 18th due to the traditional day landing on a Saturday, and a holiday observed on Monday.

Now note, these dates are for those returns to be filled, not when the information needs to be in your preparer’s possession. We can not stress enough, the sooner you get your information to them, the better off you’ll be.

Thank you.